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A Brand Guide Built Just For You

Every good coach has a playbook with the rules of the game AND how their team plays it. It's one-of-a-kind. For their eyes only. Every business needs a Brand Book to make sure everyone is following the same guidelines. Once we're done with the Define Your Brand workshop, let's build your Brand Book together.

What is a Brand Book?

A Brand Book - AKA Brand Guide, Brand Bible, Branding Guidelines, Brand Standards, Style Guide - is the set of guidelines or rules just for your brand. It's a living document that hangs out on your internal shared drive and is the basis for all communication, decision-making, and rule-following internally and externally.

Sisarina's basic Brand Book includes: 

  • your logo, colors, and styles
  • your vision, mission, and core values
  • your elevator pitch and purpose statement
  • your voice and how to communicate
  • your history and FAQ's

What else can we include in the Brand Book?

Your Brand Book can be as simple OR as comprehensive as you want. Once we've finished the basics, we'll get into each department and make sure everyone is speaking your brand language.

When someone walks into your office, calls your main line, or gets an invoice, we'll make sure all of these sound the same - internally and to your clients. 

Marketing planning, social media guidelines for your whole team, and campaigns - we'll work with you to make sure everything and everyone has the same brand voice.

Human Resources
From job descriptions to interview questions & techniques, we'll work with your HR team to find the branded process to get the best employees. 

Looking at your current sales scripts and processes for keeping your funnel full, we'll work with you to rewrite your sales plan to fit your brand. We'll even do some roleplaying to make sure everyone has the same conversations using their own personal brand.


What if your brand was a human? 
What would it say?


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What else can we do with you?

Define Your Brand Workshop

From 100-year-old associations and 30-year-old burger chains to brand-new entrepreneurs, the Define Your Brand Workshop is where we begin. 

You want people talking about you - but you want them saying the right things. Fill out our Brand Questionnaire and then schedule three hours to get clarity on your brand so we can discover what attracts your clients and keeps them talking.

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Advisory Services

You're not looking for a coach, you're looking for a partner. Someone to walk alongside you as you build your business. 
We'll look at your goals and plans and then find out what we need to do to get where you really want to go. From project management systems to hiring processes, we will work together to build the business of your dreams.
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A Client Love Note

"It wasn’t that we didn’t know IPMS (now EJ Caimen) needed a new brand. The key thing about working with Sisarina was that they opened our eyes to what our brand could (and should) be. I felt throughout the entire process their focus was on creating a winning brand strategy, not trying to impress me or maximize the money we were spending. This focus really showed in the outcome of the engagement – a brand that helps us win." 

Landon Phillips, EJ Caimen


Start Your Own Brand Book

Let's build it together.

You'll start with the Define Your Brand workshop and then we'll begin building your Brand Book - the basics, the guidelines, the voice - for every department.

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